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Yorkshire dales Rust 2 Rome's From only £349 per person! 5 Nights Camping | 2 Hotel Nights | Yorkshire Dales Stickers | GPS Route Download 23th July -29th July 2023 ANY CAR GOES! 8 SPECTACULAR PASSES
What is the Yorkshire Dales? Castles, twisty mountain passes and camping with your Rust 2 Rome friends! The Yorkshire Dales is your chance to explore parts of the UK that you never knew existed. It's a week of camping and exploring the best driving roads in the area! Starting in Cambridgeshire the route will take you through the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District on some of the most spectacular roads the UK has to offer! All of this while enjoying the buzz of a Rust 2 Rome trip camping with your friends and making new friends as you go!
What is the route? Well planned out using years of experience! Meeting at a campsite in Wisbech we will leave at 12pm and we begin our journey North taking on 8 different mountain passes each with their own unique style and driving demands. The drives each day are short and comfortable allowing plenty of time to stop and see the sights. Arriving at the camspite each day early gives you maximum time to spend chatting to other teams and cooking dinner. Or you can even head back and re do some of the passes (one of the campsites sits right next to a mountain pass). The route takes you on 5 nights camping then to finish off 2 nights at the stunning Shap Wells Hotel in Shap where we will feast and if restrictions allow have a karaoke session! There are many other surprises on route in typical Rust 2 Rome style, we like to keep them a surprise for the day! You can stay over at the campsite in Wisbech the night before the rally starts if you drive time to the start line means you have to leave a day in advance, just let the orgainiser know and he can book you in.
How much is it? From as little as £349 each! The price is £349 per person based on a team of two sharing a car and room at the hotel. Here's a list of everything that's included in the entry fee. The stickers are posted to you in advance along with the flags and wristbands and the route download is emailed to you a few days before we leave. 5 Nights Camping 2 Nights In A Stunning Hotel
Rust 2 Rome Car Stickers
Garmin Route Download Of The Epic Route
Daily Checkpoint Guide Handed Out Each Day
Rust 2 Rome Car Flags
Daily Organisers Brief Buffet Dinner On Both Nights In Shap
Do I need a £1000 car to sign up? No, you don't... We like £1000 cars, but any car can go, a classic or even a super car! You'll need a Garmin GPS with trip planner. Click here to find see our list of compatible Garmins. The route is sent to you via email a few days before we leave along with a guide on how to install the route.
What isn't included? Whilst we include a lot, there are a few things that aren't included. We don't include dinners (except in Shap) or lunches, they are payable at each restaurant we visit, fuel, breakdown cover, support vehicles, a GPS, route maps or someone to hold your hand!
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