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THE SAHARA After conquering Rome and Romania we wanted to bring you something spectacular. A destination that you could only see in the movies because it's so difficult to get there. Well we found it and it's in Africa... Yes, you can drive a £1000 car to the Sahara. Yes, it's absolutely insanely brilliant!
THE ROUTE The Rust 2 The Sahara route is probably not what your are expecting, in a good way though... it involves 3 different ferry crossings and 17 nights accommodation (some of that is on the ferries) all included in the package. This gets you to the Sahara in good time whilst allowing 6 days travelling around Morocco. The best part being you won't have to spend endless days on the motorway to get there all thanks to the hours of planning and coordination that goes into the Rust 2 The Sahara route. Before you ask, yes we know the car in the photo isn't a £1000 car...
ACCOMMODATION If you are visiting somewhere special, you want to stay somewhere special, try the local cuisine and experience what the country has to offer. We make absolutely sure that you get just that. The accommodation on Rust 2 The Sahara will make you say "wow" when you walk into your room more than once. Without giving away too much, you'll be as blown away with some of the accommodation you'll be staying in as much as you are by the scenery the country has to offer! Though it is varied on Rust 2 The Sahara, it might be a 16th century castle one night and the following night a basic room in a city centre. Rest assured though, there is always something on the cards, whether it be a spectacular show of local cultural dancing or a tour of the city highlights on Segways. It's all part of this incredible adventure... One of the most commented on parts of Rust 2 The Sahara is the variety of amazing and spectacular accommodation!
SAND DUNES That's right, you'll get to drive on the sand dunes! You have to, it's part of coming to the Sahara... The Pearl managed to skim over the dunes and it's only 2wd so no reason why you can't manage too! We found the perfect spot for it and we will take you there. It's a great opportunity to grab the photo of a lifetime! Though be warned, the sand is harsh, it's easy to get stuck and it will go everywhere. Driving on sand dunes takes skill and usually breaks your car, but it's totally worth it! You'll need air filters for your engine, unlike the Pearl...
BOATS 3 to be exact and not one of them is the same as the others. They are all to and from different places which keeps it exciting. Even on the return trip, you don't feel like you are retracing your steps back home. What's more exciting is that every one of these boats are an over night sailing, in fact one of them is actually over two nights and on quite an impressive ship! This really breaks up the journey and gives you time to reflect each part of the trip as we transition from country to country. It also allows time for a beer, of course. There are quite a few on Rust 2 The Sahara...
THE ROADS Don't be under any illusion, this trip is a true hardcore adventure for people who like a challenge, but also for those who love the rewards of a challenge! While most of the route is on proper roads, there are still large parts in Africa where the roads are just nowhere to be seen for miles. There is one day where the majority of the drive spent on a mountain pass climbing up to 9500ft - all on harsh gravel and at times crossing shallow rivers. This is no walk in the park, it requires a great deal of skill to manoeuvre your banger through all the obstacles that gravel mountain passes throw at. Above all you need to make your car last, as getting towed of a mountain isn't fun - we know because we done it on the pioneering trip. Your car will undergo a severe suspension test and anything that is loose will fall off. The key here is car preparation... Or just buy a Volvo 940, they seem to be fine. Or lack of them... Roads tend to just disappear every now and then and you have to be prepared for that.
MOROCCO On route to the Sahara desert you'll get to see parts of Morocco that people could only dream of seeing. There might not be roads to get to these places, but it's more than worth the drive and it's actually quite entertaining driving off road in a vehicles that really belong on roads! Is absolutely stunning!
THE PIONEERS It's thanks to the Pioneers that this route is now a well proven adventure to the Sahara Desert. They went out there found out all the things to look out for and most importantly found out if it's possible. With the experience gained from pioneering trips we've ironed out any minor faults along the way and refined this adventure into a slick experience. So you can sign up assured that what you are getting is nothing short of an incredible adventure experience of a lifetime! They went out there and tested out the untested route. They risked eating strange food from tajines all in the name of Rust 2 The Sahara!
WHAT'S INCLUDED On Rust 2 The Sahara all you've got to do is turn up pay your food, fuel, some road tolls and the odd experience like a camel ride. We want to make sure you have plenty time to enjoy this amazing adventure which is why we've included all of the accommodation and additional bookings where possible into the entry fee. You won't have to worry about paying for boats on the day or worry about what time it's leaving and if you'll get to the destination on time. It's all been worked out for you and broken down into perfectly manageable drives and stopovers which give you all the time you need to enjoy the highlight of each destination. It's taken years of experience to reach this level of organisation on these trips and now you can enjoy the whole package by simply signing up right here! Here is a list of everything that's included when you sign up for Rust 2 The Sahara: There is so much included...  17 Nights Accommodation 3 Overnight Ferry Crossings 1 Dual Night Ferry Crossing Daily Route Checkpoint Guide Daily Brief From The Organiser GPS Route Download Car Sticker Pack Full CB Radio Kit Including Antenna Fitting Instructions Car Flags Wristbands And Coasters Over 15 Years Experience The Experience Of A Lifetime
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST The entry fee for Rust 2 The Sahara is £3495 per person based on two sharing a car and room . This includes all of your accommodation, ferries and everything else mentioned above. There are two ways you can pay the entry fee one of which makes it very affordable. After filling out the application form, you will have to make payment to complete your registration. You can choose to pay for just yourself or to pay for you and your teammate at the same time. Payment via PayPal: You can choose to pay in full or to pay using our easy to use payments system which makes it much more affordable. The entry fee for the whole team is paid up over 8 months. The payments are automatically debited from your PayPal account via your chosen payment method. The PayPal fees are added onto the entry fee so the price increases slightly. As soon as you make the initial payment after registering your place is secured on the trip. Payment via Bank Transfer: You can choose to pay in full via online banking using your team name as a reference. This is a quick and simple way to pay and there are no extra charges for processing the payment. As soon as payment is received your place is reserved on the trip. Not much, in fact only £899 will secure your place right now...
Option 2: Pay In Full
Pay £6990 in full via bank transfer.
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Then £889.13 per month over the next 8 months.
WHAT OTHER COSTS ARE THERE? Your Car £0 - £1000 + £500 For The Car Preparation (see below) Remember the budget is £1000 plus you are allowed to spend an additional £500 on the items listed below in the car preparation requirements. This excludes road tax and the cost of an MOT but includes any work needed to pass an MOT. There are plenty cars out there, just head to Gumtree, AutoTrader and eBay for all the bargains! Fuel £650 - £1200 If you take a small diesel engined car expect to pay around £650 however an average 2.0 petrol will use around £1000. A 3.0 or 4.0 and above will be up above £1200, but then again you'll likely be in a big comfy merc so you can split the cost with your teammate. The overall mileage of Rust 2 The Sahara round trip is 3500 miles. Road Tolls £100 - £200 The tolls do change slightly year to year but thankfully they aren't too expensive. We do have to purchase vignettes in a few of the countries we pass through but they aren't much and can be purchased at local petrol stations. Garmin (With Trip Planner)- £30 - £100 You'll need a Garmin too, that's right no maps on this trip! What's that, you like using maps? Well if you want to take in all of the sights in 17 days and not spend hours driving round and circles in Africa getting lost then you'd be best getting the Garmin. Click on this link to read more about which model of Garmin you need, but don't worry you can find cheap second hand models on eBay or refurbished units online. It's absolutely essential to follow the Rust 2 The Sahara route and it's what really makes the route a pleasure to follow, not to mention keeps you on the same roads as all your fellow teammates so they will find you when you breakdown! Moroccan Maps For The Garmin £75 It is a requirement for this trip that you have the Moroccan maps installed on your Garmin. You can buy and download the maps directly from the Garmin website and this is absolutely essential for navigating your way through Morocco. Even the dirt track roads are listed on the Moroccan maps so it really makes life much easier getting to all the remote checkpoints on the route. There are other costs you should be aware of!
CAR PREPARATION 2 spare wheels with tyres and tools to change wheels. Minimum ground clearance of 15cm. Jerry can for fuel. Tow rope. Some form of dust mask or turban to protect from heavy dust and sand. A car which you don't mind abusing. Sump guard protecting the oil sump and oil filter. Moroccan maps for your Garmin. Basic tool kit. Spare screen wash. Exhaust must be securely attached to the car and in reasonable condition. Suspension must be in reasonable condition. Emergency bottles of water - for cooling or drinking! This is a big deal on Rust 2 The Sahara as without the right preparation you might not make it! As a result we have made minimum requirements for each vehicle taking part and you must meet them in order to take part... Each car will be checked at the start of the rally to ensure you have met all of the above requirements. When the Pioneers tested out the route, almost all of them were over budget (part of being a Pioneer allows over budget cars to take part) and the majority of them had problems. One of them burst it's oil sump and most of the others suffered from exhaust damage. All of the cars came back with clogged air filters and minor suspension issues.
WHAT ISN'T INCLUDED Breakdown cover or support vehicles. Your car, fuel, road tolls or any on the road repairs. Drink or food. Your car insurance. A satellite navigation device or paper maps. A 100% luxurious trip to Africa! There are just a few small things we don't include...
IS THIS FOR ME? Well if you are expecting a luxury holiday to Africa with someone holding your hand then this is definitely not for you. If you are looking for a challenging adventure holiday that will push you to your limits, but give you an experience you'll talk about for years to come, then this is for you. It's not for everyone!
READY? Click below to sign up for Rust 2 The Sahara which will take you to the registration page for you and your teammate. On Rust 2 The Sahara we only accept teams of two due to the amount and complexity of bookings involved. The Sahara is waiting for you... TEAM OF TWO SIGN UP


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