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Rust 2 What? You heard us right. After taking hundreds of adventurer's to Rome for more than ten years we decided it's time for something new, something spectacular and something with a small hint of luxury about it... Rust 2 Romania, yes Romania and it's incredible.
So do we actually see this beach? Yes you do indeed! It's not easy finding the most amazing beach in the world nor is it easy getting there. On route to the beach you'll get a tour of the spectacular caves by boat as well as the chance to swim in the beautiful clear water which is nice and warm. Oh and this beach is nowhere near home and you won't have to drive for ten days to get there either...
How do we get to Romania? The Rust 2 Romania route is very special indeed. It is divulged on a daily basis via the morning brief and checkpoint guide. What we can say though, is that the Rust 2 Romania route is not obvious and involves less driving than you think. We use a variety of boats and overnight motorail to quickly advance our trip across Europe which means less time driving and more time with the warm wind in your hair on the deck of a giant cruise ship! Well, by boat of course.
Did you say train? That's right, you sleep whilst the train munches up an 8 hour drive!
That's right a train. You'll spend the afternoon chilling out somewhere awesome then literally drive through the platform and onto a train. You'll also get a cabin just for you and your teammates so you can comfortably sleep as the train takes you across the border and wipes out several hundred miles of driving. Thanks to all these complicated train and boat bookings, Rust 2 Romania takes you further afield than possible on any normal road trip!
The accommodation isn't bad either... And, it's all included in the entry fee. By the time you reach this hotel you'll already have visited seven different countries and that's only on day five. You'll have crossed mountains and watched the sunset on the horizon as you disembark one boat and board another. It's all worth it though when you arrive at your villa with it's own private swimming pool.

Of the fourteen nights you'll be away, one of them will be in a rickety chalet and the rest is split up between boats, trains and some amazing hotels ranging from three stars to five stars. It's not five star luxury every night, it's a blend of carefully selected accommodation which is fit for each day of the trip. We don't just stay where there are luxurious hotels, we also stay where the hosts are welcoming, bring us beer and dance with us after some excellent home made cooking.
Where will we eat? In restaurants, in the car, in Venice... As on all Rust 2 Rome trips there is always careful thought put into where we will eat each day. If it's not a planned restaurant it'll be a supermarket stop letting you stock up on food and drinks for the evening. The majority of our food stops on Rust 2 Romania are at restaurants. There are eight pre booked evening meals along the route. Each of these is in a different country and offers an excellent example of what the country's cuisine has to offer! On days when food hasn't been booked there is always plenty choice of places to eat. Meals on Rust 2 Romania are paid as we go.
Will we drive the Transfagarasan? Yes, but only if your car doesn't breakdown! It's simply not possible to visit Romania and not drive the Transfagarasan. We've all seen it on Top Gear and wanted to drive it ever since. However what you probably didn't know is that this spectacular road is located in the central region of Transylvania and there is so much to see and do beyond the Transfagarasan. Transylvania is known for it's medieval towns, mountainous borders and Dracula's Castle! On Rust 2 Romania, driving the Transfagarasan is only a small part of what's on the cards for our stay in Romania! You'll get the chance to reflect on the drive down the Transfagarasan over a beer in the medieval town of Sibiu. Then the following day, you'll drive a whole new spectacular road than not even Top Gear know about!
Has it been done before? It sure has, by these crazy people and we call them the Pioneers... They broke down, were nearly arrested, cows walked past them in local villages, they had to hire translators, pay fines to the police, eat strange food and they even left a car out there, but they made it there and back! Thanks to the Pioneers Rust 2 Romania is ready for everyone to enjoy.
Is the Black Pearl going? Because it just wouldn't be the same without it, yes. Marko has taken the flagship car of Rust 2 Rome on every trip since 2012. It's a Jaguar XJS V12 which has been heavily modified over the years to suit Rust 2 Rome trips. It already made the trip to Romania in 2015 and despite overheating inside and out, it's still going strong. Of course when you join Rust 2 Romania it's more than likely that you'll get the chance to push this brute of a car at some point along the way as it's far from the most reliable car on the trip!
So what's all included in the entry fee?
Quite a lot really. On Rust 2 Romania all you've got to do is turn up pay your food and fuel along with some road tolls and that's it. We want to make sure you have plenty time to enjoy this amazing adventure which is why we've included all of the accommodation and additional bookings where possible into the entry fee. You won't have to worry about paying for boats on the day or what time it'll leave and if you'll get to the destination on time. It's all been worked out for you and broken down into perfectly manageable drives and stopovers which give you all the time you need to enjoy the highlight of each destination. It's taken years of experience to reach this level of organisation on these trips and now you can enjoy the whole package by simply signing up right here! Here is a list of everything that's included when you sign up for Rust 2 Romania:
13 Nights Of Accommodation 2 Daytime Ferry Crossings 2 Overnight Ferry Crossings 1 Motorail Overnight Train Journeys Daily Route Checkpoint Guide Car Sticker Pack Full CB Radio Kit Including Antenna CB Fitting Instructions Car Flags Wristbands And Coasters The Experience Of A Lifetime Over 11 years of experience
So how much does it cost? Not much, in fact only £899 will secure your place right now... The entry fee for Rust 2 Romania is £3495 per person based on two sharing including all of your accommodation, ferries, train and everything else mentioned above. There are two ways you can pay the entry fee one of which makes it very affordable. After filling out the application form, you will have to make payment to complete your registration. You can choose to pay for just yourself or to pay for you and your teammate at the same time. Payment via PayPal: You can choose to pay using our easy to use payments system which makes it much more affordable. The entry fee for the whole team is paid up over 8 months. The payments are automatically debited from your PayPal account via your chosen payment method. The PayPal fees are added onto the entry fee so the price increases slightly. As soon as you make the initial payment after registering your place is secured on the trip. Payment via Bank Transfer: You can choose to pay in full via online banking using your team name as a reference. This is a quick and simple way to pay and there are no extra charges for processing the payment. As soon as payment is received your place is reserved on the trip.
Option 1: Payments
Then £889.13 per month over the next 8 months.
Option 2: Pay In Full
Pay £6990 in full via bank transfer.
What other costs are there? There are other costs you should be aware of! Your Car £0 - £1000 Remember the budget is £1000 no more! This excludes road tax and the cost of an MOT but includes any work needed to pass an MOT. There are plenty cars out there, just head to Gumtree, AutoTrader and eBay for all the bargains! Fuel £650 - £1200 If you take a small diesel engined car expect to pay around £650, however an average 2.0 petrol will use around £1000. A 3.0 or 4.0 and above will be up above £1200, but then again you'll likely be in a big comfy Mercedes so you can split the cost with your teammates. The overall mileage of Rust 2 Romania round trip is 3500 miles. Road Tolls £100 - £180 The tolls do change slightly year to year but thankfully they aren't too expensive. We do have to purchase vignettes in a few of the countries we pass through but they aren't much and can be purchased at local petrol stations. Garmin (With Trip Planner)- £30 - £100 You'll need a Garmin too, that's right no maps on this trip! What's that, you like using maps? Well if you want to take in all of the sights in two weeks and not spend hours driving round and circles in Romania getting lost then you'd be best getting the Garmin. Click on this link to read more about which model of Garmin you need, but don't worry you can find cheap second hand models on eBay or refurbished units online. It's absolutely essential to follow the Rust 2 Romania route and it's what really makes the route a pleasure to follow, not to mention keeps you on the same roads as all your fellow teammates so they will find you when you breakdown!
What isn't included? There are just a few small things we don't include... Breakdown cover or support vehicles. Your car, fuel, road tolls or any on the road repairs. Drink or food. Your car insurance. A satellite navigation device or paper maps. A 100% luxurious trip across Europe. The return trip from Budapest
Is Rust 2 Romania for me? It's not for everyone! Well if you are expecting a luxury holiday across Europe with someone holding your hand then this is definitely not for you. If you are looking for a challenging adventure holiday that will push you to your limits, but give you an experience you'll talk about for years to come, then this is for you.
Ready? The warm clear blue water awaits... Click below to sign up for Rust 2 Romania which will take you to the registration page for you and your teammate. On Rust 2 Romania we only accept teams of two due to the amount and complexity of bookings involved.
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