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Wait, before going any further... Watch the video if you haven't already! It's only a few minutes and well worth it!
oh yes, because there's more to mexico than the beaches of cancun and holiday resorts... a mexican road trip?
driving a muscle car on the ultimate mexican road trip... what's it all about?

Rust 2 Mexico is an adventure rally putting you at the wheel of a classic muscle car to drive across Mexico. You’ll take in sights that you wouldn’t believe existed such as stunning empty beaches and spectacular hotels. You'll try real Mexican tacos along with many other types of famous Mexican food. You'll party with the locals in exclusive beach resorts. You'll drive through the ancient tunnels of Guanajuato to the glorious soundtrack of a classic V8 engine! All this to the tune of a carefully planned route, specially selected accommodation and with comfortable drives each day you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the delicious Mexican food and stunning beaches!

The route will explore places most tourists would never find out about in Mexico... the route

Starting and finishing in Jalisco, the Mexican state famous for Mariachi music and Tequila. We will spend our first two nights in Guadalajara the capital of Jalisco, where you will get to know your muscle car as well as customise it up with the Rust 2 Mexico sticker pack. On the second night a dinner will be held in your honour with local friends of Rust 2 Mexico at a very traditional Mexican restaurant!


The rally begins on day three when we head to the breathtaking traditional town of  Guanajuato! From there we will visit the town of Tequila, where we have a specially arranged guided tour of the amazing Tequila distillery. The route then heads over to Pacific coast with planned stops at some of the most glorious beaches in Mexico. While the rally visits popular places like Puerto Vallarta, other stops are only known about through local knowledge and word of mouth, they won’t be on any tour operators guides. This is one of the most unique parts of the Rust 2 Mexico experience!

It's impressive, very impressive... the accommodation

On Rust 2 Mexico we take you to some pretty incredible places. The accommodation is a part of why we love this trip so much. No two nights accommodation are the same. Some nights it's an extremely luxurious 5 star hotel while other nights you'll be in an unforgettable quirky hotel and the next night at a traditional Mexican hacienda, but no matter where you are staying rest assured you will be well looked after.

They are the real deal, everything you ever dreamed about! muscle cars!

When you sign up you'll get to choose which muscle car you want to rent for the trip, they are available on a first come first served basis. You are welcome to swap and share cars on the trip if both teams agree. All our cars are V8's. Some are manual and some automatic. They aren't perfect, but they are muscle cars that will take you to the promised land. They all sound like your dreams with burbling exhausts and have stories to tell with their original classic interiors. It's a an experience in itself to sit at the wheel of one of these classic muscle cars! With your car comes a cb radio for talking to the other teams whilst on the road.


We're not even sure the locals know where it is! empty beach?

It's all a part of the Rust 2 Mexico route, a deserted beach! Honestly, we don't think any Mexicans know about this amazing piece of paradise and we are thrilled to be taking you there to enjoy a moment that will surely be remembered forever. You can wake up in your villa and take a stroll down some steps and there it is. Beautiful clear sky, early morning sunrise and a beautiful deserted beach just for you!


They pioneered Rust 2 Romania in 2015, Rust 2 The Sahara in 2016 and in 2017 they pioneered Rust 2 Mexico. It's no easy task, they had no idea where they were going two weeks prior to leaving. They didn't even know a car would be provided for them at the destination. They tested out the cars, done wheel spins, ate the tacos and proved to us all that this rally is incredible. All the niggles have been ironed out now and we are ready to take new teams on this amazing adventure. Oh, the Chevrolet Malibu (the car on the far right) broke down twice so it's now been sold and replaced with something much, much better...

Friendly, warm, absolutely stunning... what's mexico like?

Mexico is a stunning country with lots to see and do. It's not exactly like you see in the movies, though it can feel like you’re in a movie when you are out there, especially with the muscle cars! The locals are really friendly and you'll get to meet plenty of them on the trip. There are many Mexicans who help run the Mexican side of the rally and are always invited to social events on the trip. We take you to the traditional towns in Mexico, the ones that only the tourists don’t know about with big cathedrals looking onto stunning squares filled with mariachi bands and street vendors selling tasty tacos. We guarantee you an authentic Mexican experience you'll never forget!.

well it all began back in 2005... why mexico?

Rust 2 Mexico is run and organised by Marko Fleming. Marko has been travelling to Mexico ever since his first trip there in 2005 having since spent a total of two years in Mexico. During that time he learned Spanish, bought a ’72 Mustang drove it to Vasteraas in Sweden to win the Long distance award in 2007 and participated in several Mexican road trips in various classic cars from Mustangs to Bel Air's. This experience and research over the years allowed him to create the ultimate muscle car rally which you can now be a part of!

There's just so much included in one package! what's included?

A Muscle Car

The use of a Classic V8 Muscle Car for the duration of the Rally!

12 Nights Accommodation

Staying in some amazing hotels!

The Experience Of A Lifetime

Daily Route Checkpoint Guide

Daily Brief From The Organiser

Fully Pre Checked And Prepared Car

CB Radio And Antenna Pre Installed In The Car

Car Flags And Sticker Guide

Wristbands And Coasters

Over 11 Years Experience Organising Car Rallies

from as little as £892 Per month! how much is it?

The entry fee for Rust 2 Mexico is £3900 per person including all of your accommodation and everything else mentioned above. This is based on two people sharing a car and accommodation. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate single person teams or teams of more than two people. There are two ways you can pay the entry fee one of which makes it very affordable.


After filling out the application form, you are taken to the payment page to complete your registration.


Payment via PayPal: You can choose to pay in full or to pay using our easy to use payments system which makes it much more manageable. The payments are automatically debited from your PayPal account via your chosen payment method. The PayPal fees are added onto the entry fee so the price increases slightly.  As soon as you make the initial payment after registering your place is secured on the trip.


Payment via Bank Transfer: You can choose to pay in full via online banking using your team name as a reference. This is a quick and simple way to pay and there are no extra charges for processing the payment. As soon as payment is received your place is reserved on the trip.



Option 1: Payments
£892 per month over the next 9 months.
Option 2: Pay In Full
Pay £7800 in full via bank transfer.
  • Drink or food.
  • Fuel or road tolls.
  • A muscle car in perfect condition.
  • Taxi's or transport except airport pickup and drop off.
mexico is waiting for you... ready?

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