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Marko has carefully planned the route of Rust 2 Rome to include some very particular roads and towns. In fact the route you will drive on is five years in the making. You won’t have heard of these places before, but they will take your breath away. That is if you can find them. To ensure that the convoy all follows the same route, even if they are split up, it is compulsory for each team to have a Garmin navigation system.


You will get the route sent to you along with instructions to download them onto your Garmin. This ensures that nobody is going to miss out on the fabulous sights and challenging roads of Rust 2 Rome. The programmed route uses a waypoint system to ensure that the correct route is taken, in some cases to get to a particular road or viewpoint we even have to double back or go an unorthodox route. Without the pre-programmed waypoints it would be impossible to get a Garmin to take you on this route.


Each day you will reference to your checkpoint guide which explains details of the days driving including distance and estimated time. It highlights some of the interesting points along the route and gives you an overview of what to expect for the day.


The route includes some of the most spectacular locations you can find in Europe. It takes well over three months to plan the route each year and the result is worth it. Park up next to the Eiffel Tower and admire the view, cross the highest bridge in the world the Millau Viaduct then spiral down and under it for another view.

what is the route? PLANNED TO PERFECTION...


As well as some of Europe's most famous cities, Rust 2 Rome also takes you to many hidden towns and villages. You won't find these places in tour guides or on holiday brochures, infact you'd be lucky if they are mentioned on a map. But these hidden treasures are there and they will take your breath away. But it's not just the destination that's amazing. To get to these places the drive is intense and rewarding, like the 13 mile stretch of twisty roads with spectacular views on the way to Verdon Gorge also known as the Grand Canyon of Europe.


The Rust 2 Rome is drivers dream. It's a Top Gear adventure without the 15 support vehicles. You'll visit small and big cities full of culture & great food. The route has been put together with years of experience and understands you don't want to be driving 800 miles in one day just to get to a party. The route blends days with a lot of miles and days with a few miles that will take you all day to tackle. It's not a flat out race. You'll find the rally to be a well balanced driving adventure, when you feel like a challenge after being on a motorway for hours you'll end up on a mountain road and when you feel like you want to make up time you'll see your entering a motorway slip road. This route has matured over the past five years to become the most ideal experience possible.


Each day the route will take you to a glorious high point whether an amazing monument, a city centre tour or a breath taking road. The carefully planned stops and build up will ensure that you can totally enjoy the peak of the day and then relax and tell everyone about it in the evening.


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Rust 2 Rome, the official banger rally from Edinburgh to Rome in £1000 cars!

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