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How can I add an additional member to my team?

If you've already signed up as a team and want to add a friend to the team just send them this link and once they've signed up they will be added to your team. Adding additional teammates is a great way to share the adventure and share the costs with more people in your team. You can have up to 4 people in your team which if your are splitting the fuel 4 ways makes Rust 2 Rome very affordable. Just send this link to your friends so they can be added to your team.


How many trips are you running this year?

Rust 2 Rome has now branched out running two trips to Rome and our new Rust 2 Romania trip which is now in it's second year and open to all. Click here to see more information and dates for each trip.



What are the dates for this year?

Click here to see the current leaving dates for this year.



How long does the whole trip last?

Two weeks including your return trip. It takes 10 days to get to Rome and 4 days for the trip back home.



When is the closing date?

The closing date for each rally is listed on the sign up page, click here to see it.



Where do we stay on Rust 2 Rome, are places booked?

Yes everything on Rust 2 Rome is booked. The entry fee of Rust 2 Rome included 8 nights of camping on a mixture of excellent campsites most of which have a bar and restaurant and two nights in fantastic mobile homes. Click here to see photos of the accommodation.



What is the entry fee?

The entry fee for Rust 2 Rome depends which trip you are joining, head to the sign up page and choose your rally to see the entry fee and what you get for it. Click here to see the sign up page.



How do I pay the entry fee?

You can pay via PayPal or via Bank Transfer. However, there is an additional charge for paying with PayPal to cover the PayPal charges for handling the money.



Do I have to pay the full amount up front?

No, if you pay via PayPal you have the choice to pay the full amount or pay half up front and the balance one month later. This happens automatically with PayPal's automatic payment system.



How much should I budget for the whole trip?

That depends on a lot of things like, what car you choose, if you are sharing costs with friends, if you like to eat out every night and a many other factors. Head over to our costs page for a detailed description of the costs involved.



What's the budget for the car and do I have to prove the value of it?

The budget for your trusty banger is £1000 no more! You don't have to prove the value of it, but we can always tell if a car is over budget. Remember this is a banger rally, be prepared to leave your car behind should it completely break. The rules state that you must not spend more than £1000 on your car including any work needed to pass an mot but excluding the actual cost of the mot and tax. If after buying your car you find it needs safety related repairs, like tyres, brakes or similar we will turn a blind eye to it.



Do I need special car insurance?

Nope not at all, your normal car insurance should do it. Just make sure you have European Cover, most policies do however it's important to check this and inform your insurance company that you are going abroad. Remember, Rust 2 Rome isn't a timed event or a race, it's a driving adventure across Europe.



What kind of Garmin do I need?

It's essential for you to have a Garmin satellite navigation device. Click here to find out more and which models you can choose from.

How do I put the route onto my Garmin?

Follow this simple guide on how to download the Garmin route which is emailed to you one week prior to leaving date. It explains how to use the route and set it up with your Garmin. Click here to see the guide.



How do I put the route onto my old TomTom with Itinerary Planning?

Before we switched to Garmin this is how it was done. These old TomTom devices are now becoming hard to find and update. However you may still want to use one for a weekend Rust 2 Rome trip so here is how to load the route onto it. Click here to see the guide.


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