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From only £399 per person! 4 Nights Accommodation | NC500 Stickers | GPS Route Download 15th October - 18th October 2020 ANY CAR GOES!
What is the NC500? Fairy tale castles, deserted beaches and amazing roads... This is Rust 2 Rome's take on the famous North Coast 500. The route starts in Perth and finishes in Glencoe. It takes you around the coastal route of the Scottish Highlands with it's incredible never ending views. This is Rust 2 Rome's version of the NC500 which takes on all of the highlights of the NC500 and a more!
What is the route? Well planned out, tried and tested! DAY 4: Takes us down the single track road through the mountains of the Applecross peninsula and down the steepest road in the UK. From there we head on to the amazing mountains of Glencoe. We have dinner at the amazing Clacaig Inn with it's cosy Boots Bar!
DAY 1: Starting at Scone Palace we travel anti-clockwise up the old Military Road which is one of the best driving roads in the UK. After stopping at John O' Groats which is the most northerly point on in Scotland. Our first night is spent in Thurso with dinner arranged for the whole group followed by drinks in the bar. DAY 2: We start the incredible scenic drive along the North coast and West coast of Scotland stopping regularly to appreciate the views along the way. We stop at the stunning Durness beach and the spooky Smoo Cave along the way before reaching our hotel for the night in Ullapool. DAY 3: Continuing the route down the West coast we take the coastal route of the Applecross peninsula until we reach the small town of Applecross. We all meet at the famous Applecross Inn for dinner and drinks before heading to the our accommodation for the night. If you choose the Superior package you will stay at the Applecross Campsite B&B. With the Standard package you will stay at the Applecross Campsite in the camping huts. Each team will get their own hut to themselves. The differences between the September and October NC500 trips is highlighted in bold.
How much is it? From as little as £399 each! The price varies depending on your accommodation selection for one of the days on the trip. The price starts at £399 each up to £449 each (depending on your accommodation choice in Applecross) based on a team of two sharing a room. Here's a list of everything that's included in the entry fee. The stickers are posted to you in advance along with the flags and wristbands and the route download is emailed to you a few days before we leave. 4 Nights In Hotels*
1 Night In A Cosy Camping Hut
Rust 2 Rome's NC500 Car Stickers
Garmin Route Download Of The Epic Route
Daily Checkpoint Guide Handed Out Each Day
Rust 2 Rome Car Flags
Daily Organisers Brief
*Depends on your accommodation selection
Do I need a £500 car to sign up? No, you don't... We prefer £500 cars, or at least cars that are in the Spirit of Rust 2 Rome. If you don't have either you can take any car you like. You'll need a Garmin GPS with trip planner. Click here to find see our list of compatible Garmins. The route is sent to you via email a few days before we leave along with a guide on how to install the route.
What isn't included? Whilst we include a lot, there are a few things that aren't included. We don't include dinners or lunches, they are payable at each restaurant we visit, fuel, breakdown cover, support vehicles, a GPS, paper route maps or someone to hold your hand!
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Rust 2 Rome, the official banger rally from Edinburgh to Rome in £500 cars!

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