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Loading The Rust 2 Rome Route On To Your Garmin


  1. Plug in your Garmin to your PC with a USB cable. Switch it on and when prompted if you want to connect to your PC select yes.

  2. Once you have connected your Garmin or SD card to your PC you will be presented with an autoplay dialog. If not, then navigate from file explorer to under This PC until you see Nuvi and open that folder up.

  3. Click ‘open folder to view files’ which will present you with a file directory for the device.

  4. Double click on Internal Storage then you should see a row of folders and one of them is called 'GPX'.

  5. Then simply drag and drop the contents of the Garmin folder in the downloaded attachment into the 'GPX' folder on your Garmin.

  6. Safely remove the device and disconnect it from the PC.


Loading The Itinerary Each Day


Each day on Rust 2 Rome you will load up the day’s itinerary in the morning. It contains all of the day’s route including the checkpoints. It will take you exactly to where each checkpoint is and sound an announcement when you arrive at the checkpoint. You will also receive your daily checkpoint guides which have more information about each day’s route.


Please be aware, if you've just loaded the route onto the Garmin it will take around 5 minutes when you first open 'Trip Planner' to update with the new route files. The will slowly  appear in the wrong order then when it's done it will be in the right order.


  1. Turn on the Garmin , press the 'Apps' button and  then press 'Trip Planner' button.

  2. You will now see the list of planned days on the route. Select Day01 then you will see the list of waypoints and checkpoints for the day. Press the go button on the bottom right.

  3. Next, the Garmin will automatically select 'Waypoint02' and we don't want to miss out  the first waypoint so select 'Waypoint01' and press 'OK'. The route will now begin calculating. Press start to begin navigating the route.

Recommended Settings For Garmin On Rust 2 Rome


We strongly recommend turning your volume setting up to the maximum for the duration of the trip. It's easy to get distracted with the CB Radio, music and the fun roads and miss the turn off for the small single track road meaning you'll get separated from your group. That is all part of the fun, but it does wast time when we get lost and that means getting to campsites later. So it's safer just to have the volume up and avoid missing turns where possible.


If you press 'View Map' then press the bottom right corner the button with three little lines on it and press 'Trip Data'. This brings up really useful information about the route. You can customise it and choose what information displays by pressing on each one. An ideal setup is to have from top to bottom: Elevation, Arrive In (tells you how many hours drive you have left until the final checkpoint), Distance (tells you how many miles to go until the final checkpoint of the day and Arrival (the ETA for the final checkpiont of the day).



Congratulations, your Garmin is now set up for Rust 2 Rome trips!


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