The Next Rally Leaves in:



Experience Of A lifetime

10 nights accommodation

Dinner In Rome

Speedy Ferry Crossing

Complete CB Radio Kit

An Epic Leaving Party

Amazing Car Sticker Pack

Route Checkpoint Guides

Garmin Route Download

Rust 2 Rome Car Flags

Nationality Car Flags

Wristbands And Coasters

Car Preparation Guide

CB Fitting Instructions

What other costs are there?


Your Car £0 - £1000 Remember the budget is £1000 no more! This excludes road tax and the cost of an MOT but includes any work needed to pass an MOT. There are plenty cars out there, just head to Gumtree, AutoTrader and eBay for all the bargains!


Fuel £450 - £900 If you take a small diesel engined car expect to pay around £450, however an average 2.0 petrol will use around £900. A 3.0 or 4.0 and above will be up above £1000, but then again you'll likely be in a big comfy merc so you can split the cost with your mates!


Road Tolls £150 - £250 This depends mainly on your route back as there isn't a lot of tolls on the route to Rome, but allow around £200 for road tolls.


Return Ferry £30 If booked in advance you can get a return ferry from Calais to Dover for as little as £30. Arrive on the day and you'll pay £90. There are also overnight ferries to Hull, Harwich and Newcastle which save a lot of fuel and drive time.


Garmin (With Trip Planner)- £30 - £100 You'll need a Garmin too, that's right no maps on this trip! What's that, you like using maps? Well if you want to take in all of the sights in two weeks and not spend hours driving round and circles in Paris getting lost then you'd be best getting the Garmin.  Click on this link to read more about which model of Garmin you need, but don't worry you can find cheap second hand models on eBay or refurbished units online. It's absolutely essential to follow the Rust 2 Rome route and it's what really makes the route a pleasure to follow, not to mention keeps you on the same roads as all your fellow teammates so they will find you when you breakdown!

What isn't included in your entry fee?



Breakdown cover or support vehicles.

Your car, fuel, road tolls or any on the road repairs.

A return ferry crossing.

Drink or food.

Your car insurance.

A satellite navigation device or maps.

A luxurious trip across Europe.

 A planned out return trip.

So all that for £649 each?


Look at it this way that's only £46.90 per day including your accommodation to take part on a well organised car rally with 11 years of experience at the back of it! Not to mention all the other great benefits of Rust 2 Rome like the many teams that will be joining you on the route to Rome, the Garmin route download and of course the totally essential CB Radios!

Everything's included!


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Rust 2 Rome, the official banger rally from Edinburgh to Rome in £1000 cars!

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