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From as little as £699 per person

Includes 8 nights camping and 2 nights in a luxury 4 star hotel!

Price shown is for a team of 4, prices increase slightly for smaller teams.

So what is included in the entry fee?

Entry To The Best Banger Rally Ever


When you join Rust 2 Rome, you are joining an event  with 12 years of experience with adventure holidays. Not only that, you will become a part of the Rust 2 Rome community where you will make friends that will last a lifetime and make memories to tell your grand kids about.

Ferry Crossing To France


Rust 2 Rome leaves from Edinburgh which means we take in some of sights as we travel down the UK towards Dover. A one way crossing from Dover to Calais is included the entry meaning that the whole rally heads to France as one group!

Rust 2 Rome Complete CB Radio Kit


That's right, a high quality CB Radio, massive 1.5m antenna for huge range,  drill in car  antenna mount, 5m cable and fitting instructions! When was the last time you had a decent laugh on a CB Radio with 20 other cars as you make your way up some twisty hairpin bends?

Camping And An Amazing Hotel


It took years to find the best balance of great driving roads and excellent campsites, but we found it. All with toilet facilities, most of them with a bar and restaurant, some even have night entertainment too! The Rust 2 Rome route includes 8 nights camping and 2 nights in a stunning four star hotel just outside Rome!

Garmin Download Of The Epic Route


The Rust 2 Rome route has evolved over the last 10 years to perfection. You'll take on countless hairpins followed by long stretches of twist roads you last seen in a James Bond movie. You won't have to spend hours planning your route out or lift a map once to find all these great places. We've done all the hard work, leaving you to concentrate on getting your car to Rome in one piece.

Car Sticker Pack And Team Number


You'll get a complete Rust 2 Rome sticker pack, complete with Rust 2 Rome logos, team number, sponsor stickers, web addresses, Edinburgh to Rome stickers, driver and copilot stickers and £1000 banger rally stickers. Each team will be assigned their team number based in the order of signing up.

Awesome Rust 2 Rome Goodies


In your drivers pack you'll receive lots of special merchandise, including Rust 2 Rome car flags, country flags, wristbands for the whole team including the special Survivors wristband only awarded in Rome once you make it and our very own Rust 2 Rome logo cup coasters!

Invitation To The Leaving Party


That's right, Rust 2 Rome holds it's very own spectacular leaving party each year in Edinburgh! It's the first chance to meet all your fellow teammates and their bangers! Usually held right before we set off, the Rust 2 Rome parties are always eventful!

Daily Checkpoint Guides


That's not all, you will also receive a daily brief from the organiser going over each of the 3 daily checkpoints. Each checkpoint guide has a difficulty level, shows the distance to campsite and also the amount of hours drive to each checkpoint which all help enjoy the amazing roads and each stop without the need to worry about how much time you'll have at each stop!

Driver Pack Application Guide


This includes a checklist and a guide on how to apply the stickers to your Rust 2 Rome banger. All the stickers have a specific location so that they can be seen easily by other teams and match the other cars.  It also explains how to apply the Rust 2 Rome tyre paints.

What other costs are there?


Your Car £0 - £1000 Remember the budget is £1000 no more! This excludes road tax and the cost of an MOT but includes any work needed to pass an MOT. There are plenty cars out there, just head to Gumtree, AutoTrader and eBay for all the bargains!


Fuel £650 - £1200 If you take a small diesel engined car expect to pay around £650 however an average 2.0 petrol will use around £1000. A 3.0 or 4.0 and above will be up above £1200, but then again you'll likely be in a big comfy Mercedes so you can split the cost with your mates!


Road Tolls £150 - £250 This depends mainly on your route back as there isn't a lot of tolls on the route to Rome, but allow around £200 for road tolls.


Return Ferry £90 If booked in advance you can get a return ferry from Calais to Dover for as little as £90. Arrive on the day and you'll pay £150. There are also overnight ferries to Hull, Harwich and Newcastle which save a lot of fuel and drive time.


Garmin (With Trip Planner)- £30 - £100 You'll need a Garmin too, that's right no maps on this trip! What's that, you like using maps? Well if you want to take in all of the sights in two weeks and not spend hours driving round and circles in Paris getting lost then you'd be best getting the Garmin.  Click on this link to read more about which model of Garmin you need, but don't worry you can find cheap second hand models on eBay or refurbished units online. It's absolutely essential to follow the Rust 2 Rome route and it's what really makes the route a pleasure to follow, not to mention keeps you on the same roads as all your fellow teammates so they will find you when you breakdown!

What isn't included in your entry fee?



Breakdown cover or support vehicles.

Your car, fuel, road tolls or any on the road repairs.

A return ferry crossing.

Drink or food.

Your car insurance.

A satellite navigation device or maps.

A luxurious trip across Europe.

 A planned out return trip.

A tent or camping equipment.

So all that for £699 each?


Look at it this way that's only £69.90 per day including your accommodation to take part on a well organised car rally with 12 years of experience at the back of it! Not to mention all the other great benefits of Rust 2 Rome like the many teams that will be joining you on the route to Rome, the Garmin route download and of course the totally essential CB Radios!

Everything's included!

Experience Of A lifetime

10 nights accommodation

Dinner In Rome

Ferry Crossing

Complete CB Radio Kit

An Epic Party In Rome

Amazing Car Sticker Pack

Route Checkpoint Guides

Garmin Route Download

Rust 2 Rome Car Flags

Nationality Car Flags

Wristbands And Coasters

Car Preparation Guide

CB Fitting Instructions

Is Rust 2 Rome for me?



Well if you are expecting a luxury holiday across Europe with someone holding your hand then this is definitely not for you.


If you are looking for a challenging adventure holiday that will push you to your limits, but give you an experience you'll talk about for years to come, then this is for you.

How do I pay the entry fee?

After choosing your team size and filling out the application form, you will have to make payment to complete your registration. The payment for the whole team must be made by the team leader (most likely the person who is filling out the application.


Payment via PayPal: You can choose to pay in full or to pay using our easy to use payments system which makes it much more affordable. You'll pay the entry fee divided over 5 months.. The payment is automatically debited from your PayPal account via your chosen payment method. The PayPal fees are added onto the entry fee so the price increases slightly.


Payment via Bank Transfer: You can choose to pay in full via online banking using your team name as a reference. This is a quick and simple way to pay and there are no extra charges for processing the payment. As soon as payment is received your place is reserved on the trip.

Pay monthly for your whole team using a card or your PayPal balance. The entry fee is divided into 5 equal payments debited each month after signing up.

Pay in full via an bank transfer if you use online banking.

Ready to sign up?

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